Manual of Date’s Data

Q1一、How to register and log in


Firstly, there is “Try out” on the left on the homepage in the applying ozone, click it , you can register the member, eg.( 1-1):

eg.( 1-1)

Then, you will see the register,page (1-2)

eg. (1-2)

Secondly, fill up the related information such as name and member name. You should pay attention to how to fill up “duration” and “Buy nor not”. We design different tryout duration for different demands from different Customers. To the “Buy nor not”, you can choose as your needs but we will consider buy when you did not choose.

(2)How to log in

When you pass the speculation of administer, fill up the user name and code in the (1-1),click “log in”, you will enter the homepage of our company, for example, your user name is “liyang”, you can see the page after you logged in:eg.( 1-3)

eg.( 1-3)

(3)How to log out

If you want to leave our website, you can click “log out” just show in the eg.( 1-3).

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Q2二、 How to use the database

The databases are the important part in our website, eg.( 1-4) is database.

eg.( 1-4)

You can use it as the following example: eg.( 1-4)

Firstly, click the Monthly Regional Database , you will enter the page about Monthly Regional Database,eg.( 1-5)

eg.( 1-5)

Secondly:Just as you want to see the Price Indices information,Click it, then you will see the data related to the price, eg.( 1-6)

eg.( 1-6)

Thirdly, select the first three items, then click each item, you will see datum of the selected items in details ,eg.( 1-7)

eg.( 1-7)

Fourthly, click “select all”, you will select all the indicators. P.s. if you select all, you can only select 30 indicators. Then , you will see all these selected items above the select all button, eg.( 1-8)

eg.( 1-8)

If you want to see the rest indicators, you could click “inverse” button, you will see the rest indicators above this button, eg.( 1-9)

eg.( 1-9)

You can , of course, clear all the indicators that you have selected, eg,(1-9),when you click “Delete All” button, all the indicators will disappear. eg.(2-1)


Fifthly, if you select the first three indicators of price index again, then select all and click extract data, you will see data on the page, at the same time, you will see our data analysis module, eg(2-2).


You can ,certainly, make a second selection that means users can search for data with different time and different indicators, eg(2-2-1). A example of second selection.


You would like to see the data of foreign trade by the commodity in can gain this data as the following procession, click time and select 2011, you will see monthly datum in 2011, as the eg.(2-2-2) show.


Then, double –click indicator and select foreign trade by the commodity location, eg. (2-2-3)

eg. (2-2-3)

You have completed the second selection,eg.(2-2-4)


Sixthly, if you would like to extract the data chart, you can click the chart button. Then, you will see different types of chart such as columnar chart, curve chart, scatter chart and piling chart,eg.(2-3)


You can also make coordinate conversion between columnar chart and pile chart,eg.( 2-4)

eg.( 2-4)

Of course, user can extract datum according to his/her own needs,eg.( 2-5-1) and eg.( 2-5-2)

eg.( 2-5-1)

eg.( 2-5-2)

If the user has no right to extract the excel and word, he/she will see this window as follows,eg.( 2-5-3)

eg.( 2-5-3)

Seventhly, when you do not understand the meaning of any indicator, you can click definition of indicator, you will see the definition of this indicator, as the red region showing,

eg.( 2-6)

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Q3三、 How to use the shortcut search

we design the quick search is to let the user get what they want more simply and more quickly according to the upgrading degree that can be divided into monthly, weekly, each ten days and annual. if user would like to search for the datum about rice yet without knowing where to find, he/she can input rice in the quick searching.


Then click the search button, you will see the datum related to rice in details, eg.(3-2):


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Q4 四、 How to use the data calendar

The data calendar contains the latest and most important datum, eg.(4-1).User can click any indicator that you would like to see and he/she will see the data in details.


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Q5 五、 Contact us

If you have any question, please contact us without hesitation.

Linkman: Miss Li

Telephone: +86(10)-59722022-809

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